Ruchi No 1 is the optimum  answer for all the needs of the skin as it provides Purification, Nourishment and Hydration. Consumer research has indicated that the desire for a lasting fragrance features highest in the daily beauty regime of economy soap users. Hence Ruchi No 1 comes in four enhanced fragrances, which provide longer lasting freshness besides just taking care of the skin.


Natural rose petals are popularly used for softening & toning of the skin and the sweet rose fragrance creates an atmosphere of opulence. After bathing with Ruchi’s Rose soap, you will feel like a  ‘movie star’ throughout the day.


The exotic aroma of jasmine creates an ambiance of bathing in a ‘magic garden’, away from the mayhem of day to day life. Ruchi’s new offering promises the magic to linger and the romance to continue till the next bath time.


Lime embodies freshness and cleanliness. Bathing with Ruchi’s fresh new soap after a long, tiring day uplifts the fatigued body and boosts it with energy. This freshness of the mind and the body will help you maintain a sense of well being through the entire day.


Sandalwood is known for it’s legendary cleansing and hydrating properties and it’s excellent aroma . Sandalwood was the choice of royalty in olden times to enhance skincare. Ruchi’s sandalwood aroma will transport you back in time when long drawn out bathing rituals were cherished and women were fastidious about natural skin care and favored natural sandal fragrance.

Ruchi No. 1 has 72 %  TFM ( total fatty matter ) and delivers the promise of “quality at an economical price “ , keeping in line with the company’s commitment to consumers. With the company lending its corporate name to this brand, it guarantees optimum quality to the consumer.
Ruchi No. 1 is available in 2 SKUs.
 75 gms – Rs.8/- and 100 gms – Rs.10/-